Missing Parcel




  • nathalieneo

    Received an SMS notification said I will receive my parcel on last fri (29/3) and wait for the whole day also did not see any parcel. So on sat night (30/3) have make a call to your company. They said will check but till today no reply yet. (Tracking number : YM0165261005S)

  • Serenehoyy

    missing 1 carton of watson tissue. track number 111103368903.

  • Jeralddho

    Hi, I previously ordered a controller from shopee that was employing your services. On your website, it shows that the parcel has already been delivered. However, I have not received anything. I have made other purchases that use your service as well. They have all arrived smoothly. When i went to check all the signatures of all my purchases, the controller parcel had a different signature from the rest.Please get back to me soon thanks.

    Tracking ID: NVSGSCXSG000337888

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