Request Return To Sender (RTS)




  • yoyo9639

    TRACKING ID YJYSG111075555223

    I want to complain and refund that the goods I bought are not in the right edition. I bought YPL NONKE pants. Now I ask for a refund.

  • Chan Pui see

    Hi I’m ms Chan my tracking number is YM0165065512S. The item I just receive today and I found the USB cable small pin point is not balance And when I pour in water the water is keep drip out from the bottom. Can you guys change a new one for me. Thanks

  • gelai gesulga

    The sender give me wrong item, i received just today and i was dissapointed... tracking number is YM0165090824S its a fake item,. I ordered selfie and stabilizer tripod... they just gave me an ordirnary selfie stick.!!! Plus it was expensive than a original selfie stick...

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